ແຈກກະຕ່າ Easter

Each year we provide children with the joy of having a special Easter basket made just for them! Our goal is to provide an Easter Basket to each child who has stayed with us at the Nursery, and their siblings up to age 12. You can help by donating fully stocked Easter baskets! ໂທ 925.685.6633 ຫຼື ສົ່ງອີເມວຫາພວກເຮົາ to let us know how many baskets you would like to donate. We will send you names and ages of children.

A Full Easter Basket Contains:

  • ກະຕ່າໜຶ່ງ
  • ຫຍ້າ Easter
  • ຫນຶ່ງຊຸດຂອງ Peeps
  • ກະຕ່າຍອີສເຕີຊັອກໂກແລັດໂຕໜຶ່ງ
  • ເຂົ້າຫນົມອົມຫໍ່
  • 3 ລາຍການທີ່ເໝາະສົມກັບອາຍຸ
  • ສັດຂະຫນາດນ້ອຍ stuffed ຫຼືຫນັງສື
  • All wrapped in cellophane!


  • Infants—Rattles, large rings, squeeze toys, teething toys, soft dolls, textured balls, and vinyl and board books
  • Toddlers—ຈອກ sippy, ຟອງ, headbands ແລະ bows, ຂອງຫຼິ້ນອາບນ້ໍາ, stacking ຈອກ, ສັດ stuffed, ປື້ມບັນທຶກກະດານ, ເຄື່ອງນຸ່ງຫົ່ມ
  • Preschoolers & Kindergarteners—ຂອງຫຼິ້ນ, ປື້ມບັນເທິງ, crayons ແລະປື້ມສີ, chalk sidewalk, Playdough, ຕັນ, bows ຜົມ, ເຄື່ອງນຸ່ງຫົ່ມ
  • School age—ລົດນ້ອຍ, ຊຸດສິລະປະ ແລະຫັດຖະກຳ, ເຄື່ອງແຕ່ງກາຍ, ເກມຂະໜາດນ້ອຍ, ເຊືອກໂດດ, ປຶ້ມ, ແລະເຄື່ອງນຸ່ງ.
  • Older children—ເຄື່ອງປະດັບ, ບັດຂອງຂວັນຂະໜາດນ້ອຍ, ໂມງ, ດາດຟ້າຂອງບັດ, ເກມ, ເພງ ແລະຮູບເງົາຍອດນິຍົມ, ສີດຜິວກາຍ ແລະໂລຊັ່ນ, ຊຸດແຕ່ງເລັບ, ເຄື່ອງປະດັບ, ບານກິລາ

This is a great project for kids of all ages to participate in—get a group of friends, co-workers, church members, or even scouts together to shop and donate as a fun and meaningful way to help others. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Apr 4 - 8, 2022 | 10 am - 5 pm
ສະຖານທີ່: 1510 Mendocino Dr, Concord

ກະຕ່າ Easter

Interested in donating several Easter baskets? Just send us an email letting us know how many Easter baskets you would like to put together, and we will send you the ages of children.