每年我们都会为孩子们提供一个为他们制作的特殊复活节篮子的快乐!我们的目标是为与我们一起住在托儿所的每个孩子以及他们 12 岁以下的兄弟姐妹提供一个复活节篮子。您可以通过捐赠库存充足的复活节篮子来提供帮助! 拨打 925.685.6633 或者 给我们发电子邮件 to let us know how many baskets you would like to donate. We will send you the names and ages of the children. 一个完整的复活节篮子包含:
  • 一篮子
  • 复活节草
  • 一只巧克力复活节兔子
  • 包裹糖果
  • 3个适合年龄的项目
  • 小毛绒玩具或一本书
  • 全部用玻璃纸包裹!
Ideas for Age-Appropriate Items:
  • Infants—摇铃、大环、挤压玩具、长牙玩具、软娃娃、纹理球、乙烯基和纸板书。
  • Toddlers—Sippy cups, bubbles, headbands and bows, bath toys, stacking cups, stuffed animals, board books, and clothing.
  • Preschoolers & Kindergarteners—玩具、白板书、蜡笔和着色书、人行道粉笔、橡皮泥、积木、蝴蝶结和衣服。
  • School age—小型汽车、工艺品、装扮用品、小游戏、跳绳、书籍和服装。
  • Older children—珠宝、小礼品卡、手表、扑克牌、游戏、流行音乐和电影、身体喷雾和乳液、美甲套装、珠宝和运动球。
This is a great project for kids of all ages to participate in—get a group of friends, co-workers, church members, or even scouts together to shop and donate as a fun and meaningful way to help others. Your support is greatly appreciated! Drop Off Donation Times Mar 27 - 31, 2023 | 10 am - 5 pm Location: 1510 Mendocino Dr, Concord