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Every Child Deserves Some Holiday Magic!

We are reaching out today to ask you to join us in making the holidays, and every day, magical for the children who come to the Nursery. This past year, we have provided over 28,000 hours of care and 3,550 safe stays to children ages birth through five. We have given out 54,580 diapers and 900 bags of food. Your donation to the Holiday Magic fund will ensure that all children have a safe place to play and stay, clean diapers, food, and clothes. And most of all, nurturing Nursery staff to care for them.

Most of our funding comes from donors like you. The end of the year is a critical fundraising time for the Nursery. We need to raise $350,000 by the end of the year, and we can’t do it without you! Can our Nursery families count on your continued support today? Your generous donation will immediately help a Nursery child. Let’s make the holidays magical for our children and all of us!

The parents who come to us are all experiencing overwhelming stress. They may come to us because we are a crisis nursery, but this nursery gives them hope. No parent who reaches out to us is ever alone again. We have become a family and have built a strong community.

We meet hundreds of families each year.

  • This past year, we met a single mother who needed to take on a second job to pay rent and provide for her two children. She has part-time daytime childcare but needed afternoon and weekend care. She was able to take on a second job after enrolling in our emergency childcare services.
  • We met a single father who has a child with disabilities and was unable to find a childcare provider. He reached out to see if there was any way we could help. He was about to lose his job if he didn’t get immediate childcare. We were able to care for them the next day while we searched for a childcare provider who had the experience and training needed to work with his child.
  • We met an aunt who recently took in her niece rather than have her go to a foster family. She doesn’t have children of her own and didn’t know what to do about childcare. We cared for her for a month while she secured a childcare program.
  • We met a mother planning her escape from a domestic violence situation. She needed someone to keep her children while she moved out, and for a few days after, to make sure they were safe from any harm. They stayed with us for a week.
  • We also met a mom with two children. Her oldest was in the hospital and needed immediate surgical treatment. She wanted to be with him, but as a single mother with no family. She feared that she wouldn’t be able to care for him in the hospital while caring for her baby. The hospital connected her with us, and her baby stayed with us for five days.

Daily, we have parents who knock on our door needing clothes, diapers, food, and formula.

Each year we reach out to all of you to ask for your support in making the holidays magical for our parents and children because they deserve the very best. To everyone who has donated food for holiday meals, toys for the holidays, and sent in donations, we are very grateful for your support. We are asking you to please consider making a tax-deductible donation today! Every gift to the Bay Area Crisis Nursery makes a difference in the lives of children and their families.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

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