The Bay Area Crisis Nursery is the only crisis nursery in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Nursery is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year and serves children birth through 5 years.

The Nursery

We provide a warm, safe, loving homelike environment. Children may stay at the Nursery for up to 30 days. Each child will have their own bed during their stay. We provide everything a child needs while they are with us—food, clothing, shoes, diapers, formula, and the rest.

  • Emergency Childcare Services (Launched October 2020)- Emergency Childcare Services are now offered between 7 am – 7 pm daily! A child can receive emergency childcare services for up to 30 days in a 6-month period. Crisis Day Services support parents in finding and maintaining employment, attending court dates, classes, medical appointments, etc.
  • Crisis Residential Overnight Program- Parents voluntarily admit their child(ren) when experiencing a crisis. Parents can utilize this service for up to 30 days per crisis situation. Families must identify the crisis and agree to work on a Family Plan to mitigate the crisis when appropriate.
  • Respite Overnight Program- For parents who just need a break can visit the Nursery for monthly visits. These visits range from 1-3 days.

Food & Diaper Pantry

  • We are thrilled to announce that our Parent’s Pantry opened to the public in April 2020. We now have a fully operational diaper bank and food pantry. Community members are welcome to food, diapers, and formula!

BACN Boutique

  • We continue to meet the basic needs of our clients with the BACN Boutique through corporate and community support and donations. There is a fully stocked, free boutique filled with children’s furniture, toys, books, clothes, and much more for our families to take whatever they need at no cost.

Case Management

  • Staff work with families experiencing a crisis to create a Family Plan. The family plan identifies family stressors. Families are given referrals and resources to help mitigate the situation and strengthen the family. Referrals are made for social services, housing, medical care, dental care, employment assistance, job training, parenting classes, other educational services, substance abuse treatment, and domestic violence prevention, Ages & Stages screenings, and more.