Your California Nonprofit of the Year!


Nonprofit of the Year Award

Dear Friends & Supporters,
It is with great pleasure that I humbly announce that BACN has been selected as California’s Nonprofit of the Year for District 7. We were nominated by Senator Glazer for the award after his team visited the Nursery to see our mission in action.

The past two years have been trying, tiring, and so gratifying. We stepped up in tangible ways to ensure that children were fed, clothed, had clean diapers, childcare, and a safe place they could call their second home or their childcare provider. Our team was challenged with change—quick change as we opened the Food & Diaper Bank, Emergency Childcare Services, and the Boutique, while operating a 24-hour crisis line with growing needs daily. We listened to our community. We acted quickly. And we couldn’t be more proud of ourselves.

We never did it for the recognition. We did it because all of us genuinely adore our children and families. We care deeply about our clients and our community. We did it because there was great need and hardship. That’s our motivator each day. And although we didn’t do it for the praise, receiving acknowledgment for the work we do warms our hearts.

I wanted to take this time to thank the staff who work countless hours and overtime to operate the Nursery that never closes, and to all of you for supporting us through the years. You do make a difference in the lives of children and families. And you too earned this award. Thank you!

Click here to read Senator Glazer’s press release.